If you run a restaurant or are opening a restaurant, one of the most important things to try to do is reduce your costs wherever you can. Not only because restaurants require a good deal of investment capital to start, and working capital to maintain, but also so you can increase your profit margins in all sorts of ways. One of those ways is through waterproof menus. Because menus can be rather expensive to create and get printed frequently, waterproof and spill proof menus is one way to ensure that you get the most out of your menu investment over time.

Easy To Clean

Restaurant menus are in the line of fire when it comes to spills, stains, and even burns (though this is way less common). When traditional menus get covered in red wine or bolognese sauce, they must be thrown away. Consider a restaurant with nice folding menus and when you open them you find pages that are torn and stained. That would undoubtedly reduce the value of the restaurant and its dishes in your mind, no matter how good the quality of the food is. Waterproof menus do not have this same risk. If some wine or some sauce gets on them, they are easy to wipe down and will be looking like new in no time.

To Laminate, or Not To Laminate? That is… not… the question.

Laminated menus, while waterproof, can be bent and crinkled on their corners and edges in less time than you may think. Think about a popular family restaurant that has all ages of kids. Laminated would be good, but also has its drawbacks because of the material. The best waterproofed menus will stand any liquid, but also are designed to be handled by a lot of people. This means they typically last much longer than laminated menus and also look a lot better. So, don’t laminate.

Not Impervious But Close

So every aspect of the restaurant is at some risk of damage over time, even forks and knives. A menu is no different. There are not too many ways in which the best quality waterproof menus can be damaged to the point of “unusable”. It takes a lot of work or direct focus to damage the menus. What will damage them are things like: permanent markers, paint, nail polish, and other caustic substances. Now, most restaurants don’t have permanent markers on the tables and neither are there caustic chemicals. However, bleach would be the number one enemy since it is used for disinfecting most working surfaces in restaurants. A mild soap, and in most cases a damp rag, is all you would need to keep the waterproof menus clean

Also, the material of bar tops and table tops should be taken into account. If you have gritty and sandpaper like table tops, yes they will hold onto plates and glasses great but they can also scratch waterproof menus with abrasion. This means that if you do have that sort of table top you may want to go with a different option. Most restaurants however don’t have very rough table tops so it’s not something to be overly concerned with. Regardless of what type of menu you use they should be stacked on a flat service and rotate the menus on the bottom to the top during service. What that means is the menus are taken from the top and then put back on top never using the bottom 20 or 30.

All In All – Waterproof Is Better

No matter what way you look at it, be that for aesthetics, functionality, or cost effectiveness; there is way more positives than negatives to using waterproof menus.

If you are considering what sort of menu to design for your new restaurant, it is a smart choice to look into and seriously consider using something that is waterproof and not laminated. Be sure you have the design (look and feel) as well as the dishes all planned out as you won’t want to print menus and then automatically have to do it again. So be sure you’re menu is ready when you go for waterproof menus.

No Cost Analysis of Your Menu

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