There is no shortage of food choices when it comes to going out to eat these days. From small family-owned restaurants to big chain establishments, restaurant owners and managers know the importance of a strong marketing campaign in our fast-paced world. So, its 2020 and your customers are not a mystery to find, to put it simply they are ON THE INTERNET! Since we know that, we will give you a digital marketing strategy for your restaurant.

Where Is Your Website?

The biggest part of the digital marketing strategy for your restaurant is having a website is critical in today’s world, but we need to take it a step further. Just having a web page isn’t enough, it needs to be built out a little bit and also connected and confirmed to Google local listings. This means setting up your Google My Business and then claim your local listing. This will make your restaurant, address, hours of operation, website, and other aspects regarding your restaurant readily available to anyone searching in your local area. A website set up without confirming this info within Google is just not enough.

Take Care Of The Customer = Positive Reviews

Offering great food and drink is just half of the battle for operating a successful restaurant establishment. From parking to seating to ordering to eating to paying, the way you treat each and every customer through the door will have a strong effect on how well your business will do.

Running a restaurant is in the hospitality field and you should not forget that hospitality is the name of the game! Take care of your diners from start to finish and your business will reflect this both in-store and online. This way when people write a review on Yelp or TripAdvisor you can rest assured you’ve taken care of them from start to finish.

How many times have you read bad reviews on a restaurant and decided to go elsewhere for dinner with the team? It happens more often than you think so control what you can, namely, how your customers are treated. Keep this in mind when executing a digital marketing strategy for your restaurant

Use Geographic Targeting (Geo-Targeting)

Running ads nationally for a local business simply would not make sense don’t you think? But because we can use geo-locations to target customers you can take advantage of this. Not only are the clicks and hits cheaper than as if you were going for a national audience, but it can make a huge difference.

For example, if you own a “brick oven pizza restaurant” in the town of Monroe, NY then you want to target only surrounding towns, the same county and possibly the closest adjacent counties. This way you can reach a wider range of patrons than those who are just in your town. This can be done on Google and also on Facebook.

Instagram Photos & Marketing

Another great thing for your digital marketing strategy for your restaurant nowadays to market your restaurant online is through Instagram. It is entirely photo-based and is very popular making it a great place to showcase your restaurant’s decor, food, and drinks. Put your good looking food photos up on your Instagram page, run contests for diners to do the same, and get the conversation going regarding your restaurant.

Instagram is the place for pictures. Be sure to do a few key things like use a good camera or smartphone, have good lighting and use good angles.

Your Menu Should Be Online

This seems like a no brainer but often time local diners have had to find restaurant menus from 3rd party websites, this is a big no-no! You should have your own website which lists your restaurant’s menu for all times of the day as well as a wine and drink lists.

You should also list your menu items on Facebook, TripAdvisor, and Yelp. This will save people the effort of having to try and find your menu somewhere else than from you directly, the actual source. Keep this up to date as well, if the menu changes your website should reflect those changes.

Your Website Should Be Mobile Ready

Also important to the digital marketing strategy for your restaurant, is to have a mobile friendly site. Most internet users nowadays are on their phone, so if you have a website you should also be sure that it is mobile friendly and ready. This can be done very simply if you have a good web designer who has made your site properly. If not, it may be time to get a quick update or set up your mobile site on your own through companies like Duda mobile. Because smartphones are perfect for local search and even offer direct map options to establishments, you should get your site mobile-ready right away.

Set Up A Loyalty Rewards Program

Depending on the type of your restaurant a loyalty program may be ideal to keep people coming back. This system allows diners to accumulate points that can be spent on rewards. For example, build enough points and get a free entree or a free bottle of wine, or get a percentage off the bill.

This is useful for two reasons, it keeps people coming back but it also makes diners feel like they are getting more than just food and experience when dining out. It gives them a feeling that they are getting more and that is something you want them to feel.

Set Up Online Reservations

Through apps like OpenTable, you can allow people to make a reservation to your restaurant right online. This saves them the time and effort of having to call to make a reservation and in today’s fast-paced world this is a huge incentive. They can simply go to your website or make a reservation right through Google, Yelp or TripAdvisor. . Ideally you want them to make reservations on your own site because Open Table charges a fee.

Keep Things Current

If your menu is outdated or the only photos on your Instagram were from your opening weekend, people may feel like your restaurant is outdated or just not hip enough to enter the modern world. So be sure to keep things up to date, even the smallest details should be updated and since we’re all connected all the time this doesn’t take much time.

A quick login and changes to your menu take moments, adding a post to Facebook or Instagram also takes moments. So don’t skip it!

Get the most out of your restaurant business starting right away here in 2020 by implementing these basic tactics today.

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